Our Mission Is Simple:

1.) Inspire people to travel more to gain meaningful experiences and relationships.

2.) Resonate with our target audience: especially, people who have busy lifestyles and still hope to travel.

3.) Make the travel planning process more accessible and more straightforward for anyone to take action.

Letter From The Founder


Abigail Kepley
CEO / Founder

Abigail is a mom first, wife second, and a traveler at heart. She takes pride in being obnoxiously organized and premeditated. She LOVES here family!

Jessica Lace
Marketing Director

Jessica is a loving mother and wife. She just had a beautiful baby girl yet, makes time to travel with her whole family.

Jason Kepley
Travel Expert Relations

Jason is a loving husband and father. “Quik” with words and the engine of company.

Amara Basu
Customer Support

Raelynn is a born traveler and can fit in anywhere. She has been to four continents, 16 countries, and only 23 years old.

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